New Brunswick is Thriving Thanks to Boraie

Anyone who is living in the United States of America can admit that the citizens are becoming increasingly hostile toward the 1% of this country. I fear that one day the CEOs and other corporate leaders are going to be kicked out of their high places much like the aristocrats were at the time of the French revolution.

The 1% have the reputation of being greedy life suckers who have hurt many people along the way to power. This is probably true for some people, but Omar Boraie defies this reputation.

Omar Boraie has been like a loving father to the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has been alive for 72 years and for 40 of them he has been rebuilding the city so that it could rival even the great economic hubs in Europe.

Omar Boraie knew that New Brunswick could reach wonderful heights if it could do four things; in needed to bring back families, it had to keep jobs in the area, had to create new jobs, and the had to enlarge the middle class.

Boraie Development helped New Brunswick become more appealing to families by starting dozens of nonprofits that were loyal to that cause. One of those nonprofits created a program with the State Theater to allow families to spend quality time with one another. It ended up being a seven movie extravaganza that was played throughout the summer over an eight week period. This brought 7500 families back together.

After that, Omar Boraie began focusing on keeping jobs in the area. Rumor on the street was that Johnson & Johnson was considering leaving. Omar Boraie knew that if they left town that the entire economy would implode on itself. In order to stop this, he sat down with Johnson & Johnson, and they were able to work out an economic plan to keep them in New Brunswick.

After Omar Boraie was able to keep Johnson and Johnson in the area, he created a powerful alliance of the city’s movers and shakers. On this team were the Mayor, the President of Rutgers University, and the editors of several newspapers. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Once Omar Boraie created this powerful coalition, he focused on bringing professionals back to the city. He built office space that attorneys, doctors, and surgeons would like for the practices. These were upper tier office spaces that he offered for lower tiered prices.

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