Month: February 2018

Why Pursuing One’s Own Lifestyle is a Must According To Vijay Eswaran

Posted by in Philantropist

It is very important for people to live the type of lifestyle they want as opposed to letting someone else dictate their lifestyles. For one thing, only they are going to be able to fulfill themselves. Another thing is that the person who is trying to dictate the lifestyle of the other might disappear at…

Jorge Moll Continues to Explore the Wonder of the Human Mind

Posted by in Human Mind

Jorge Moll is known for his impressive work in the medical field. He earned his MD in Neuroscience from Rio de Janiero’s Federal University, and he completed his residency there after graduation. Later, Moll received a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University. Dr. Moll has always been passionate about helping people with conditions…

Global Entrepreneur and Business Genius Glen Wakeman

Posted by in Global Entrepreneur

“From grass to grace” is a statement that Glen Wakeman would use while introducing himself as the remarkable man that he is now. He owns a small business; he is a mentor and an investor too. He is well experienced and knowledgeable in the field of management. Glen Wakeman has worked in proficient companies for…

Staying Calm in Investing with Agora Financial

Posted by in Financial Institution, Financial Trading

Agora Financial has an international base of experts that are geared towards helping people all around the world. There are tons of financial literacy publications and online seminars that can break down just what is needed to survive in the world of investing.Agora Financial is the financial literacy mecca when it comes to finding information…

Glen Wakeman and The Track Record of His Business Success

Posted by in Business Leader

To be a business leader is an excruciating and sometimes heroic task. There are no guarantees of success. You can risk losing all your capital. If you’re not careful and you’re prone to being a sucker, things will most likely not work out in your business. One of the few people who have spared themselves…

Glen Wakeman is a Role Model in Investments

Posted by in Marketing Strategy

Glen Wakeman is a very successful figure in the United States. Many people have known him because of his accomplishments while working as a financial services executive. (Glenwakeman) started his career as an ordinary investor who had no idea how the future was going to be. Right now, he is the founder and leader of…

The Real Real Consignment Shops

Posted by in Fashion Designer

The Real Real Consignment shop, once online only, is now open in a brick and mortar store located in Soho New York. Now, women are loading their arms and shopping carts with items and living with a bounty of goods. One of the founders of The Real Real is Marcy Cormack. She wanted to bring…

Perry Mandera: Transportation Industry Executive

Posted by in Community Service

Founder of the Custom Companies, Inc., from Northlake, Illinois, Perry Mandera is also a supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC), a non-profit organization that works together with the Police Athletic League to reduce juvenile crime. He is a winner of the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010, and won a Citizen of the Year…

Graham Edwards: The Visionary Executive of Telereal Trillium

Posted by in Economy

Graham Edwards is one of the prominent real estate executives in the United Kingdom with a clear vision. The CEO of the real estate investment firm, Telereal Trillium, helped the business to offer its commercial real estate service offerings to some of the highly reputed companies and departments like the UK Department of Pensions and…

Paul Mampilly Finds Stock that Will Grow Larger Than Amazon and Google.

Posted by in Business Expert, Investment

In a recent blog post, Paul Mampilly discusses one of the new megatrends he has identified that are going to make some new companies and their investors wealthy over the next few years. One of those trends is energy. He recalls how scarce electricity was in India when he was a child in school. When…

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