How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Changing Lives Through Business.

Creative and entrepreneurial come to mind with thinking about Dr. Mark McKenna. Physician, Real Estate Investor, Patient Advocate, Community Leader, Husband and Father are just some of the titles that he wears. From a beginning of following in his father’s footsteps into medicine to the creator of a revolution in how some medical procedures will soon be delivered Dr. McKenna is changing the face of elective health care.

It truly began while in medical school. Watching his father’s medical practice allowed Dr. Mark McKenna to see that a career as a physician could possibly have more limitations in income than his father may have had, This prompted the young medical student to begin purchasing real estate with the income from working at prisons. After graduating in 1999 and working in his father’s medical practice for five years, Dr. McKenna was able to open his real estate business in New Orleans.

McKenna Venture Investments, Uptown Title Inc, and Universal Mortgage Lending grew to the great success that touted 50 employees and had a net worth of over $4 million dollars before tragedy struck in the form of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Losing millions overnight, Dr. McKenna needed to find a way to rebuild not only his business, but the city as well. He was instrumental in rebuilding and developing housing that was targeted to low and middle incomes.

Since July 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna has been the CEO/Founder of OVME – a company that is reinventing how we see elective health care. OVME (pronounced “of me”) is using technology to bring elective procedures and the focus of the practice to the consumer. It does this by taking similar technology to Uber, and allows for the consumer to order a procedure to be done where and when it is convenient for them.

What could possibly be next for Dr. Mark McKenna? Only time will tell! More about, visit here

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