Paul Mampilly Finds Stock that Will Grow Larger Than Amazon and Google.

In a recent blog post, Paul Mampilly discusses one of the new megatrends he has identified that are going to make some new companies and their investors wealthy over the next few years. One of those trends is energy. He recalls how scarce electricity was in India when he was a child in school. When the lights went out, Paul Mampilly and his friends welcomed it because they didn’t have to do their homework. They got to play with candles. They knew how to find their way to the cafeteria from their dorm rooms in the darkness. But now he realizes the lack of electricity and other forms of power is a drag on the economy. Many countries, such as The Philippines, still experience periodic blackouts. That means children cannot do their school work after the sun goes down. Hospitals run on generators, which is more expensive.

In the United States and the rest of the developed world, people take electrification for granted. But there is a new form of energy generation, and the world has begun a historic transformation over to it. It’s going to disrupt the traditional electrical utilities.

The new energy source is natural and sustainable, Paul Mampilly writes. It includes solar, geothermal, waves and wind. For decades, experts have said this source was too expensive, and therefore utopian. And it was too expensive for widespread use, but the cost has been dropping for decades. Its developers have made use of new discoveries and new technologies. This new energy is portable. It’s also local. It can even come from your own house instead of over thousands of miles of the traditional electrical grid.

And, because it’s portable, it can be used for travel as well as to operate your home’s lights and television. That means it’s going to disrupt three large, entrenched industries in the current economy. They are utilities, transportation and energy. Combined, that makes up around $7 trillion in stock market value that’s going to get wiped out by one company that you can buy now. Paul Mampilly estimates the stock of this one company will go up in price at least ten times in the next few years. To know more, Click here

Paul Mampilly names this company in the newsletter he writes for investors, Profits Unlimited. A Wall Street insider and investing legend, he is always looking for the next megatrend to profit from and the companies making money from them.

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