Graham Edwards: The Visionary Executive of Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards is one of the prominent real estate executives in the United Kingdom with a clear vision. The CEO of the real estate investment firm, Telereal Trillium, helped the business to offer its commercial real estate service offerings to some of the highly reputed companies and departments like the UK Department of Pensions and Work, British Petroleum, and more. Under the leadership of Edwards, the firm went for rampant growth strategies that include acquisitions, partnerships, and more, and grew as one of the largest players in the sector. Today, the firm owns and manages real estate projects worth £6 billion.

Interestingly, it covers 86 million square feet of total floor area, and this occupies nearly 1% of the total workforce of the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is serving as the Chief Executive of the firm since 2011. He oversees the development plans of the company and takes care of the growth strategy. Edwards has decades of expertise in a number of industries such as real estate, engineering, mining, and more. This helped him to have a holistic idea about the economy and respond to the needs of it in terms of real estate with highest quality solutions.

Edwards understands the complexities associated with the commercial real estate sector and varied needs of its customers. While the firm focuses mainly on the commercial sector, the leadership of Edwards helped the company to foray in the residential sector as well. Apart from Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards keeps a wide range of business interests in various sectors including software, mining, real estate, engineering, water, and more. Before joining Telereal, he collaborated with Talisman Global Asset Management as its Chief Investment Officer.

Graham Edwards also worked with Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a Fund Manager and collaborated with BT Group Plc as its property department’s head of finance (Crunchbase). He secured his graduation in Economics from the renowned Cambridge University. Edwards is also a certified Chartered Accountant and a member of the Corporate Treasurers Association. Per the latest information, he is pursuing his MA in International Relations with specialization in the Middle East affairs from King’s College London. Edwards also actively involves in the community support initiatives and serves on the boards of many philanthropic groups.

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