Perry Mandera: Transportation Industry Executive

Founder of the Custom Companies, Inc., from Northlake, Illinois, Perry Mandera is also a supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC), a non-profit organization that works together with the Police Athletic League to reduce juvenile crime. He is a winner of the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010, and won a Citizen of the Year award in 2011. Perry Mandera believes that giving back to his community is important because he served in the Marine Corps Reserves when he graduated high school in 1975. He received an honorable discharge and returned to civilian life, which is why he is conscientious of hiring veterans (

In 1984, Mandera was elected as a Republican representative of the 26th Ward, Chicago, whose term ended in 1988, also being recognized as the youngest person ever elected to this seat in Illinois. Custom Companies Inc., was founded in 1986, with annual sales surpassing 200 million dollars from the “full service transportation provider,” which has also given customers access to domestic and international air freight forwarding services, less than load (LTL) services, as well as local and dedicated cartage (the transportation of something in a cart). The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) has recognized Madera as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.”


Community Service

As the founding member of Custom Cares Charities, Madera has donated to The Jessie White Tumblers, as well as the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Mandera serves on the board of directors of both organizations, having donated 6,500 winter coats. Mandera works to donate to victims of natural disasters as well. His company has a motto of “One Call Does it All,” which means that Madera offers clients great services at easily afforded prices. As CEO, Mandera works at connecting with his employees, all while serving at charities such as the Jessie White Tumblers which was founded in 1959, dedicated to keeping children away from drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Mandera sets a high standard for the trucking industry, on behalf of The Custom Companies, Inc. by helping communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, in Mississippi and Louisiana.


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