Glen Wakeman and The Track Record of His Business Success

To be a business leader is an excruciating and sometimes heroic task. There are no guarantees of success. You can risk losing all your capital. If you’re not careful and you’re prone to being a sucker, things will most likely not work out in your business. One of the few people who have spared themselves from the ruin and the risk of failure is Glen Wakeman, the global business executive, investor, mentor and entrepreneur who has helped many people achieve the success that he did (Angel).


The Man In Many Countries

There are so many attributes that make Glen Wakeman one of the best business leaders today, but the fact that he was educated at the University of Chicago means that he has many supercharged skills today probably because of the training that he got from the school. There’s more: he has also been to several countries and has learned a lot from his travels on how to lead and operate the companies and projects that he’s running.

The fact that he also has a track record of providing the most excellent business advice to more than 17,000 employees is also a fantastic and powerful feat. It’s also accurate to say that Glen Wakeman was able to generate about $15bn in assets to all the companies and projects that he’s running.

There are many activities, assets, portfolio and shares that Glen Wakeman is made responsible for. His work for the various start-ups, mergers, divestitures and integrations has been instrumental in the combined wealth and asset growth that the clients under his name have experienced.


The LaunchPad Holdings, LLC Founder

What makes Glen Wakeman also stand out today is the fact that he’s one of the co-founders and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company is an SAAS firm that has partnered with early-stage entrepreneurs that have the ability to provide on-line business planning services to every client who needs the guidance. The expertise of Mr. Wakeman in the field of Strategy, Capital Markets, Business Transformation and Growth makes him one of the top business leaders and consultants in the world today.



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