Global Entrepreneur and Business Genius Glen Wakeman

“From grass to grace” is a statement that Glen Wakeman would use while introducing himself as the remarkable man that he is now. He owns a small business; he is a mentor and an investor too. He is well experienced and knowledgeable in the field of management. Glen Wakeman has worked in proficient companies for over twenty years. http://www.glenwakeman,com.

Glen Wakeman uses the business skills acquired through the passionate roles in business to source starters. He rekindles collapsing companies through mentorship and offers essential advice to entrepreneurs. The requirements include leadership skills, capital, planning skills, and risk management tactics.

Starting a business requires an idea first, noting that it is not the plan. Glen Wakeman postulates that money should be a perfect match for the concept. He insinuates that the mass failure witnessed in startups has been caused by poor or lack of structure in the idea. Glen Wakeman has created a software platform that will help individuals to structure their plans leading to profitable businesses.

Formulating an idea requires little effort but keeping in mind that it may not be superb anyway. It sometimes may be null and void thus not leading to the expected outcome which calls for an outline in making final decisions. Glen Wakeman explains that a step to step analysis of the idea is required, implying that the idea stands for itself, that is, it defendable. The plan should answer the question “why?” Which brings it to life (Glenwakeman)?

Glen Wakeman supports that bringing an idea to life depends a lot on the character and attitude of an individual. According to him, a problem-solving mindset is fundamental. He preserves that innovation and need to satisfy customer needs would be a great deal in finding out the solution to emerging problems. Solutions to issues implying business ideas. A good solution leads to successful businesses. Glen Wakeman encourages us that a failure or hardships in any industry should teach us dignity and make us opportunistic (



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