How Glen Wakeman Inspires the Business World

Glen Wakeman is a well-known businessman. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a MBA in finance. His early career includes a position at GE Capital. He later created Nova Four. Over the years he has been a CEO, president, on the Board of Directors as well as a member of business development.

One of the most well-known things about (Glenwakeman) is his five-step performance method. This method focuses on execution in business, leadership power, risk management and human capital. Glen Wakeman is a writer which has allowed him to show others how to put this method into their own businesses and businesses that they might work for.

In addition to writing his methodology and other tips, Wakeman also uses his experience in global affairs. He helps businesses in angel investing, international financing platforms and capital raising. He has helped many businesses figure out how they might run more efficiently and make the most out of the money they make. Wakeman has been a resident in six different countries and has helped businesses grow in over 30 regions.

Wakeman tributes his success from being organized and having a set methodology to ensure the smooth running of all his business ventures. He starts his day be reviewing numbers and making sure that performance levels are where they should be. He will also take conference calls with his partners and ensures that everyone knows what they will be doing for the day ( He works with everyone to make sure that productivity is where it should be. Wakeman also takes the time to research current market trends to ensure proper functionality of his business.

Glen Wakeman has stated that he is excited for new technology to come into the business world. One thing he is particularly excited about is the application of machine learning to business problems. Machine learning is allowing people to help increase overall quality, speed up decision making and increase overall speed. He has stated that he is excited to see what happens with the future of this technology.

Glen Wakeman continues to inspire his employees, readers and business partners every day by researching latest trends, increasing curiosity and overall love of the business world.


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