A Look At OSI Group’s Food Processing Plants And Jobs Available

OSI Group is one of the premier processed food providers globally. It has headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, and facilities in 17 different nations. They process both retail food brands and food, especially proteins, that is provided to customers in restaurant chains. It is a privately held company wholly owned by its chief executive officer and chairman, Sheldon Lavin.

In 2016 Tyson Foods Corporation decided to shut down their food processing plant located in the South Side neighborhood of Chicago. They said that 480 local jobs would be lost due to shutting this plant down. They had already laid off 230 employees when OSI Group made an offer to buy this plant. The eventual purchase price of the Tyson Foods plant was $7.4 million.

As a result of this purchase, many of the remaining Tyson Food employees were able to retain their jobs and instead go to work for OSI Group. They work in a plant that is 200,000-square feet which is located near other OSI Group owned food processing plants. In a statement, a spokesperson of OSI Group said that this purchase would help the continue to grow in the food processing industry.

OSI Group is often hiring at its various facilities, regional offices, and headquarters. They are an equal opportunity employer who hires regardless of age, sex, color, national origin, religion, protected veteran status, disability status, or anything else protected under law. They have a careers page on their website where it is easy to find out what jobs are available and how to apply. This is broken down by the countries and regions in which they operate such as Germany, the UK, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Asia Pacific, and various locations in the Americas.

OSI Group also posts its available jobs on websites such as At their headquarters they are currently hiring for a variety of positions, including internships in both IT, finances, and human services. Among other available positions they are hiring a cash accountant, a jr. finance project manager, a senior financial planning analyst, and a kitchen manager.

There are a wide variety of jobs to do at their food processing facilities. Their Chicago locations are presently looking for forklift operators, an HR receptionist, machine operators, material handlers, quality assurance technicians, and a manifestor. They also offer internships at the processing plants, such as an operations internship.

OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

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