Why Chris Linkas Thinks People Need To Start Saving For Retirement In Their 20s

There are five big plusses to start investing when you’re still in your 20s, financial experts like Chris Linkas say. Even if you have college debt and a small salary you want to get an early start due to the magic of compound interest. Time is on your side and every dollar you put away could be worth seven after 40 years of growth. For example, if you invested $10,000 when you were 20 years old it would grow to $70,000 or more when you’re 60. If you had put that same sum away at age 30 that reduces to around $43,000.

Chris Linkas is the European Head of Credit for a company in London UK & NY. He says another reason to get an early start is that you can take much more risk when retirement is decades away. You can create an aggressive portfolio of mostly stocks and just keep adding to it over time, only shifting to less volatile assets like bonds when you are older.

Another reason to invest early, Chris Linkas says, is that you learn how to invest by doing it. By starting early you learn the best practices when it comes to investing. Also, because younger people tend to be tech savvy, they can take real advantage of online trading platforms which often include chat rooms to become a better informed investor.

Younger people should invest in their own human capital as well. This means getting a higher education and/or building skills in other ways. Chris Linkas says that he did this which led to one of his earliest management roles, leading the companies commercial real estate operations in the United States. He took the time to learn about real estate investing and was able to get a larger salary as a result.

Chris Linkas says that people should include assets such as dividend stocks as part of their investment plan. In this way they get an income stream from their investments which they can then reinvest in order to realize even larger gains over time (Discogs). There are too many benefits to starting early when it comes to preparing for your future.


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