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Well-known entrepreneur David G. McDonald has many interests. He is presently working with several different companies. He is currently the official CEO or chief operating officer as well as the president of the Washington, D.C.-ensconced corporation named the OSI Group, LLC.

“Dave” McDonald is now 53 years old. He presently also sits on the board of directors of OSI Group. Additionally, McDonald is currently serving in the position of official director of OSI International Foods Pty Ltd which is can be found in Australia.

McDonald’s Business Resume

He has some other duties as well. His job also means he must serve as the chairman of NAMI (North American Meat Institute). McDonald’s personal business resume is also highlighted by a stint employed as a project manager for OSI. For approximately a decade McDonald also worked as an independent director for the business known as M. G. Foods S.A. He signed up for that gig after a business then known as M. F. e Comércio de Alimentos purchased the OSI Group’s offices in Brazil and in Europe.

McDonald’s Formal Education

Once McDonald was finished with high school, he decided he wanted to further his education. He sent an application to the Iowa State University. Following his acceptance there he chose to major in the area of animal science. He finished all his coursework and was given a B.S. in 1987.

The official CEO CFO Interviews website interviewed David McDonald fairly recently. He was queried regarding numerous different topics. McDonald gave his answers to questions about such subjects as the corporation’s direction, different innovations, and inquiries concerning the general and continued sustainability of the entire OSI Group. He told them that he believes that everyone in the OSI Group is continually striving to keep the corporation expanding. He also told the interviewers that the business’ core list of values, like the song, remains the same as it was from the company was first founded. McDonald reported that today although the company’s methods of handling the various specific individual issues that arise are always in a state of flux.

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