How did Graham Edwards lead Telereal Trillium to success?

Graham Edwards is not a strange name in the real estate business. He became the CEO of United Kingdom’s real estate giant, Telereal Trillium, in 2001. Since then, the corporation embarked on a growth trajectory, which is remarkable to date.

Telereal was formed in 1997 with a purpose of acquiring property owned by the Department for Work and Pensions. Land Securities acquired majority shares and renamed the firm to Land Securities Trillium.

William Pears Ltd established Telereal, an identical firm whose purpose was to acquire British Telecom’s property. Telereal managed properties owned by O2, Airwave among other clients. The two firms later merged to form the current Telereal Trillium.

The company has since grown to be the largest real estate company with about 500 people. The company is involved in asset management, property development, real estate investment, strategic land acquisition and residential development (

Telereal manages a portfolio worth £6 billion, which consists of 86 million square feet. The estates managed by this firm are spread across the United Kingdom. Made up of more than 8000 estates, Telereal’s portfolio houses 1 percent of UK’s labor pool.

This is because Telereal Trillium provides housing to the staff of British Telecom and the Department of Work and Pension. The success of this firm is attributed to Graham Edwards.

He has been at the front line in significant transactions of the company. He initiated negotiations that culminated in the transfer of British Telecom’s estate worth €2.4 billion. The deal was the largest for the company.

In 2009, Telereal acquired Trillium from Land Securities and led to the formation of Telereal Trillium. Together, they have a combined wealth of £1 billion.

These property-outsourcing deals led to the prosperity of the company’s portfolio. Graham Edwards was a key figure leading the transactions.



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