Stream Energy helps spread green energy use while contributing to good causes

If you live in the Southern United States, the chances are good that you’ve heard of Stream Energy. As one of the region’s most innovative energy companies, Stream Energy has helped millions of people make the transition from dirty old fossil fuels to clean, advanced forms of energy.

Stream Energy has been one of the leading forces behind the increasingly widespread adoption of wind and solar energy throughout the states where it operates. This has proven to be an excellent business for Stream Energy, but it has also been good news for those who produce and operate green-energy-generating technologies. By allowing its customers to elect to use wind and solar-derived energy at highly competitive prices, Stream Energy is doing more than anyone else in the country today to help prove those energy sources as being long-term viable.

But the promotion of green energy technologies is just one area in which Stream Energy is making a profound difference. Throughout the Dallas, Texas, area, where Stream is headquartered, the company has been actively involved in charitable causes and philanthropy for more than a dozen years. Recently, the company announced the creation of its charity arm. Called the Stream Cares Foundation, the organization has been responsible for everything from taking local homeless kids on day trips to local waterparks to helping hurricane victims meet the tough challenges of rebuilding after they had lost everything.

Stream has inculcated in its employees the spirit of giving. And this has not just been limited to money. Many of the most dedicated volunteers in the Dallas area are Stream employees. They can be found at local food drives, Toys for Tots events and volunteering among the city’s homelessness-fighting institutions.

As just one example, when a tornado outbreak occurred in the northern part of Texas in 2016, Stream employees quickly drove to the scene to help local residents with the immense cleanup process. At the same time, Stream employees raised tens of thousands of dollars to help with the efforts. Incredibly, Stream itself then matched all of those donations, leading to a six-figure windfall for the tornado victims.

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