Month: April 2018

Swimming Pool Chlorine Can Damage DNA Warns Dr. David Samadi

Posted by in Cancer Treatment, Medical Research

Celebrity oncology urologist and Fox News medical correspondent, Dr. David Samadi pointed out in a 2016 post that chlorine in swimming pools can be harmful. In fact, researchers go as far to say there is permanent mutations of the DNA , in habitual swimmers who frequent pools disinfected with chlorine. In his article, Dr….

Upwork Useful Tips on Completing Your Daily To-Do List Efficiently

Posted by in Freelancing Platform

For those looking to get through their to-do list for the entire will know how difficult it is. But, it is only the people without any planning who say so. Many great tips can help you complete your to-do list with ease. The first important tip from experts at Upwork is to write down everything…

Robert Deignan Leads ATS Digital to a First Ever AppEsteem Certification

Posted by in Business, CEO, Entrepreneur

Today, Robert Deignan is very happy for leading his ATS Digital Services to being the first company ever to have an AppEsteem certification for their call center. This certification means that the ATS call center can well provide top notch customer support for software applications. AppEsteem was founded by Microsoft cybersecurity veterans to vet and…

Adam Milstein – Radical Muslim Views – Jewish News Syndicate

Posted by in Activist, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Investor, Leader

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American, businessman, and philanthropist. He raises funds to support spreading education about the Jewish religion and various Israeli causes. He also provides support for the State of Israel and other education programs for followers of the Jewish Religion. Adam Milstein has focused his entire philanthropic operation on three principles that are…

OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Knew He Could Make A Big Difference In The World Of Business:

Posted by in Food, Leadership

U.S. businessman Sheldon Lavin has had a truly amazing and inspirational story. During college, he undertook studies in the fields of accounting, finance and business. Sheldon was working for himself as leader of his own consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin & Associates, LLC when he met the Kolschowsky family in 1970 and began a longtime business…

Jed McCaleb Career Life

Posted by in Business Expert, Finance

Jed McCaleb is not a stranger to success. The businessman believes that with the use of the modern technology, people can improve the condition of their lives. Jed says that the state people are living in some parts of the world is just because they have not been leveraging technology. The businessman is the professional…

Nick Vertucci Has Incisive Thoughts on Real Estate Investing

Posted by in Businessman

Nick Vertucci has enjoyed a fabulous career as a star real estate investor and his success has inspired countless others to carve out their own thriving business in this timeless industry. He has put forth some of his thoughts on the business in a recent interview that can help others get a feel for what…

Retirement Preparedness Tips from Financial Expert David Giertz

Posted by in Broker

David Giertz addressed the fact that many American retirees have fallen victim of lack of enough saving for a comfortable retirement life. For individuals who retire early and live for a long period, the act of poor planning leaves them standing out as endangered persons when it comes to retirement. David says that few people…

The Many Passions Of Shafik Sachedina

Posted by in Business Expert

Dr. Shafik Sachedina, who is well-known for his legendary insight with the Ismaili community, has also built up entrepreneurial activities in the health field. Dr. Sachedina, who was born in Dr-es-Salaam Tanzania in 1950, is a graduate of Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. He is a qualified dental surgeon…

Securus Technologies On Top Of Their Game

Posted by in Inmate Communication App

Securus Technologies, the Dallas-based prison technology company, has announced its cutting-edge drone detection program was a success. They recently completed an 18 month pilot and testing program for the technology and plans on launching it later in 2018. The technology will help prison officials keep criminals from using pilotless drones to deliver illegal contraband to…

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