Bruno Jorge Fagali- Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Fagali practices law, compliance, ethics, administrative law, urban law, and regulatory law. As a new lawyer in Brazil, he is adding a new dimension to the Brazilian legal system by using his years of leadership experience, having been involved with a certain number of firms since 2006.

In the present, he serves as Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/Sb, as an independent practitioner at Fagali Law Firm. In Brazil, Anti-Corruption Law has been formulated so as to have a code of conduct that preserves the social order. Fagali practices building corporate integrity. He works with various organizations to be a trailblazer who brings this corporate honesty about.

His private law organization is called Fagali Advocacy, from 2016 where he helps his customers with understanding Anti-Corruption Law. Bruno Fagali is a Corporate Integrity Manager with NOVA/SB. Fagali is a legal visionary in his field because of his expertise. Bruno Fagali got his Bachelor’s degree in Law from Pontifical Catholic University in 2009. He also studied at the University of Sao Paulo in State, having completed his Master’s degree in Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law. Fagali also has taken short courses and training in different legal and law sectors.

Fagali has founded FAGALI Advocacy where he handles anti-corruption cases within the framework of public law. Bruno Fagali works with the Nova/Sb, a marketing firm that works with clients like international organizations and governments. Fagali works for the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization. He works on ethics and compliance law in order to set up an ethics review committee. He has handled such cases as consumer law, advisory law contract, as well as domestic violence. Fagali speaks four languages, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

Fagali has driven integrity with the Nova/Sb advertising firm. Nova/Sb is a leader in the ad industry, as the agency gets a hold of a significant number of public contracts, directly sourced from many government departments. Nova/Sb had appointed Bruno Fagali for the job. Fagali had formed an ethics committee, creating a new policy to treat employees and members alike. Nova/Sb handles many promotion campaigns, via government and international organizations such as the International Labor Organization, and the World Health Organization. Fagali takes on integrity training to workers in different offices. As a Corporate Integrity Manager, Fagali has implemented a Corporate Integrity Program in Brasilia and Sao Paulo offices.

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