Ockel raves over NewsWatch TV reviews!

In a world of fast-paced media content, not all sources are created equal. Viewers must often separate the fake information from the truth. In comes NewsWatch TV. The program, which first found its way on air in the 1990s as a financial news program, has since launched itself as a formidable media platform. It’s Youtube channel began in 2012 and has reached over 4 million viewers. The show also won awards in 2017 for journalistic excellence, which only adds to its prestige. Ockel, a technology brand, speaks very highly of the show. The brand says that the platform provides accurate, friendly reviews of products that help viewers find products that work for them. The hosts are warm, asking questions that are to-the-point but also fair and balanced. The brand speaks about their sales, proclaiming that the brand’s presence in NewsWatch TV’s videos has improved their sales and brand visibility. The show also gives them ample opportunity to showcase their products. For example, in this video, they display sports headphones that allow users to work out with cumbersome wires getting in the way. They also talk about their new product, Sirius A, which has the capabilities of a full desktop computer in a mobile device. The brand and the host have a relatable, friendly atmosphere together, which provides authenticity. together, that creates an interesting package that provides information on new technology in a way that is fun for the viewer. With reviews such as this, it is no wonder that many brands partner with NewsWatch TV. They truly know how to bring the audience to their products!


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