The Academy of Art University Fosters Creativity

Academy of Art University featured some of their work at the 21st runway show at New York Fashion Week. The collections included work by some of their BFA and MFA graduates. The audience had some very well-known names such as Sara Kozlowski and America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander. All of the grueling hours that the University’s graduates put into their classes, internships, and workshops really paid off. The menswear and womenswear collections were nothing short of stunning and inspirational. Although they only had 15 minutes on the runway, their collections left a lasting impression.

The Academy of Art University has been teaching its students since 1929 and covers many aspects of art. At the University, students can learn acting, advertising, architecture, art history, fine art skills, fashion, and graphic design. The University also teaches illustration, industrial design, landscape architecture, and visual development.

Some of the brightest graduates of the Academy were able to show off the work they had done including Hailun Zhou, from China, who created entirely new concepts with PVC and vinyl. Eden Slezin used vintage denim, and Ryan Yu created polar opposites with light and darkness. Jelly Shan was inspired by a religious setting and created a collection that was edgy and invigorating. Cana Klebanoff used Japanese armor, architecture, and castles as inspiration and Joanna Jadallah used a combination of brocades, knits, and wool for her menswear collection. Saya Shen used digital prints to inspire her designs, and Carlos Rodriguez worked delicate embroidery into his garments.

At The Academy of Art University students have the opportunity to earn their degrees in an enriched environment that teaches discipline and perseverance. It encourages its students to grab onto their individualism and to express themselves through their creative processes.

The University offers its programs through online study and abroad and is perfect for students wanting to continue their education or wanting to gain pre-college schooling. Students are taught by full and part-time designer, career artists, and professionals who have plenty of experience and insight to offer. Rather than try to conform its students, the University fosters their differences.

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