Vijay Eswaran Teaches About Achievement Through Self-Empowerment And Creative Visualization

When many people think about the QI Group’s co-founder, chairman and CEO Vijay Eswaran, what comes to mind is his achievements as a businessman. And while those have been formidable, Eswaran’s greater achievement is spreading his message of self-empowerment. It is that message which drives the success his business endeavors have enjoyed. Vijay Eswaran has taught his staff, and all who have paid attention to the messages in his speeches and writings, about the dynamic power of creative visualization combined with proper planning and a commitment to consistent, goal-driven actions.

When the Cosway Group helped Vijay Eswaran start the QI Group in the late 1990s, Asia was suffering through economic doldrums. Money was tight and jobs were hard to find. Many said it was a bad time to start a business. But Vijay Eswaran was able to teach his staff to look beyond that and embrace the idea of their success. He simplified a complex metaphysical concept and showed them how to apply it to their goals effectively. As a result, the independent marketing representatives of the QI Group expected only success when they took their products into the marketplace. And their results matched their expectations.

True, Vijay Eswaran had an excellent business plan for the growth of the QI Group and the company had excellent products. Once that was combined with a workforce with a positive mindset and the expectation of prosperity, success was imminent. The sky was the limit for what the QI Group could achieve. And the staff was able to use this understanding of their self-empowerment to enrich their lives and the lives of the people with whom they came in contact. Once struggling communities began to prosper after coming into contact with members of the QI Group’s staff and their positive message.

Vijay Eswaran has helped to improve millions of people’s lives economically and by helping them get the food, clothing, shelter and education they needed. But he has also been a catalyst for vast social change by helping a growing number of people to utilize their long-dormant dynamic power for achievement through creative visualization.

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