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Jed McCaleb is not a stranger to success. The businessman believes that with the use of the modern technology, people can improve the condition of their lives. Jed says that the state people are living in some parts of the world is just because they have not been leveraging technology. The businessman is the professional who started one of the largest and most successful file sharing platforms in the world, known as eDonkey. Jed is also the businessman who started the first ever Bitcoin exchange in the world, known as Mt. Gox. Things changed for the better when the businessman decided to start Ripple. People started to recognize him because of the success these companies achieved in the online platform. When Jed saw that most of the financial infrastructures in the world were broken and consumers were mostly left without resourced, McCaleb decided to start in the year 2014.

As the founder of Stellar, Jed has a couple of responsibilities. First of all, he is the leader of the technical development of the institution. The universal financial network is doing so well because of his leadership skills, and it is planning to significantly increase the economic participation of its clients. This network is mostly supported by the prestigious The nonprofit making firm uses the latest technology to ensure that investors achieve the financial freedom they need. Jed has been working as the advisor of a popular company that is known as MIRI. The institution is reputable in the global market, and it deals with artificial intelligence research that can result to a positive impact.

While speaking in a recent interview, Jed McCaleb says that he decided to start the stellar network because of his personal interest in Bitcoins. As an investor who believes in crypto assets, Jed saw that the future was going to be very bright, and he decided to start an online platform so that the people with similar interests can get help. The businessman wanted to transform the whole world, and he realized that Stellar was the perfect way of doing that. Jed is very hard working, and he wakes up quite early to ensure that he accomplishes his plans for the day.

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