OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Knew He Could Make A Big Difference In The World Of Business:

U.S. businessman Sheldon Lavin has had a truly amazing and inspirational story. During college, he undertook studies in the fields of accounting, finance and business. Sheldon was working for himself as leader of his own consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin & Associates, LLC when he met the Kolschowsky family in 1970 and began a longtime business relationship with them. The Kolschowsky family were the owners of one of the largest food processing and wholesale distribution firms in the Midwest – Otto & Sons. The company was already serving large clients such as fast food giant McDonald’s.

The Kolschowsky’s wanted to expand their operations to the national level and Sheldon knew he could help them with this due to his background in finance. In only a year, the company had reached a national level of distribution and the owners of Otto & Sons were convinced that Sheldon should come and work with them full-time. Sheldon later became sole controller of the company that they rebranded as OSI Group, LLC. In his 40 plus years, the company has expanded its operations to encompass all of North America as well as a strong footprint in Asia, South America and Europe.

This has been accomplished by making wise acquisitions and carefully crafted business partnerships. Sheldon has made sure all this time that the family-oriented nature of OSI Group has never left the company. OSI offers top notch customer service and thinks of its customers and its employees as valuable family members. This has led to long-lasting relationships between both.

Sheldon’s huge accomplishments with OSI Group has received numerous types of recognition over the years. As recently as 2016 Sheldon and OSI Group received a pair of prestigious awards. Sheldon was presented with India’s Vision World Academy’s Global Visionary Award as recognition of his successes taking a regional food processing firm from the Midwest United States and turning it into one of the most globally recognized names in the industry. OSI Group as a company also received a huge award in 2016 when the British Safety Council honored the company with its Globe of Honour Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the area of environmental management and sustainability. OSI Group had to achieve the British Safety Council’s 5-Star rating in order to be able to qualify for nomination for the auspicious honor. These awards marked another great moment in the truly impressive career of Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group.


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