The Lime Crime Vegan Commitment

The Limecrime company is committed to excellence. How? In so many ways where can we begin? The vegan commitment is one of those areas where they can’t be beaten. Doe Deere the founder of LimeCrime, in her daily routine, both personally and professionally take great pains to make certain that her products are safe from animal abuse as well as pure for her customers.

Doe Deere has a strong following and it’s for good reason. She’s one of the youngest makeup and fashion entrepreneurs out there. She began as a Russian born, NYC raised young lady that had a passion or fashion and makeup. She certainly wasn’t the only one but she was the one that made it. So, because she takes the time to know her following, she understands how to meet those needs.

Today there is a strong call for vegan makeup, mostly in today’s youth that is aware of what really goes on in the chemical industry regarding makeup products. They spend money smarter and research more thoroughly. But Doe Deere and LimeCrime have it down to a science

Her Vegan Line

Two of these fantastic products is the Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette. They are vegan safe and come in delicious colors. They’re long-wearing shades in 18 coordinated colors in the Ultimate Grunge Shadow Palette. She also boasts 2 additional palettes with the Grunge theme. If you want to go a little darker the Venus2 palette may be perfect for you.

If you’re confused, she has live chat ready to go so you can explore what you may like.

The second cool vegan product LimeCrime has to offer is not actually a makeup. If you see her pictures she’s always rocking a fab color on her hair. With that much dying, even Doe doesn’t want harsh chemicals so she’s thought of you again and filled the need for a vegan safe hair dye for Unicorns! It’s aptly named Unicorn Hair. There are currently 34 semi-permanent colors available. You can even purchase smaller packets for $2.50 to try them out. They’re perfect for those who change color on small areas of hair.

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