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Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American, businessman, and philanthropist. He raises funds to support spreading education about the Jewish religion and various Israeli causes. He also provides support for the State of Israel and other education programs for followers of the Jewish Religion.

Adam Milstein has focused his entire philanthropic operation on three principles that are the most important to him. These three areas are:

Active Philanthropy

Life Path Impact

Philanthropic Synergy

Adam Milstein – Writer For JNS.Org

Adam Milstein is a writer for Jewish News Syndicate, or He publishes news focused on how Radical Islam can affect the world as a whole, and how it is directly affecting Israel. While he does not publish on often, the content he publishes has great impact on the people who follow his work.

His last published article, “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism,” has grabbed a lot of attention. Especially since the world is well aware that radical Muslims, like any other radical religious group, can be very dangerous. Radical Muslims have focused their efforts on destroying Israel, which has always been known as, and referred to, as the homeland of the Jewish People. The truth is, radical Muslims are not just a threat to Israel, they are a threat to Christianity in general, and spread anti-Semitism everywhere they go.

Milstein claims that there are three main radical notions that are feeding the flames of anti-Semitism right now. These three radical notions are hate, bigotry, and racism. Since these notions are so strong in the world right now, that any form of Christianity has difficulty batting back against the hatred. According to Adam Milstein, the true enemies of any religion that is centered around the holy trinity are focused in these three main problems, so the goal of every religion is to fight back against these aspects.

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