Robert Deignan Leads ATS Digital to a First Ever AppEsteem Certification

Today, Robert Deignan is very happy for leading his ATS Digital Services to being the first company ever to have an AppEsteem certification for their call center. This certification means that the ATS call center can well provide top notch customer support for software applications. AppEsteem was founded by Microsoft cybersecurity veterans to vet and certify apps and their support ecosystem independently. According to this certifier, the ATS call center fulfilled 39 compliance regulations to be awarded with this certification.

Deignan praised this achievement by his company saying that it will go a long way in cementing their position as the top customer support services provider. In addition to that, he said that even with his certification, the firm is looking to improve its services and products. He said that they are looking for more comprehensive and consumer-focused way that will bring the breakthrough in digital customer care.

This certification will open up new opportunities for both Deignan and ATS Digital. It is expected that being the only certified service provider, a wave of new customer looking for high-quality services and products will come their way.

Deignan’s education and career

Robert Deignan pursued a BS in Organizational Management at Purdue University. After his education, he worked in different fields and organizations over the years where he gained a lot of business management and entrepreneurial skills. In August 2011, he co-established ATS Digital Services. Ever since the founding of ATS, Mr. Deignan has been the CEO of the firm. Apart from business, Robert has interests in other fields like boat building and water sports.

About ATS Digital Services

ATS Digital is an international provider of top-notch customer service for digital platforms with its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. This company is committed to providing customers with quality products and services to their satisfaction. They offer a one-stop solution for all digital customer services. Currently, ATS Digital Services under Deignan serves clients from all over the world. Through his expertise in organizational management, he has been able to grow this firm from a start-up to a leading global digital solutions provider.

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