Swimming Pool Chlorine Can Damage DNA Warns Dr. David Samadi

Celebrity oncology urologist and Fox News medical correspondent, Dr. David Samadi pointed out in a 2016 post that chlorine in swimming pools can be harmful. In fact, researchers go as far to say there is permanent mutations of the DNA , in habitual swimmers who frequent pools disinfected with chlorine. In his article, Dr. Samadi also discussed the issues with disinfectant compounds or byproducts, called DBPs and cellular damage.

Studies conducted at the Research Center for Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona worked with 49 healthy volunteers, who went swimming for 40 minutes in an indoor chlorinated pool, after which they underwent medical tests. Overall, tests revealed an increased risk of cancer in healthy subjects, as well as potential effects on the respiratory system due to chlorine. Furthermore, scientists found genotoxic agents in urine, and biomarkers associated with cancer.

Dr. Samadi agrees that while swimming is good for cardiovascular health, it can be improved by reducing chlorine levels.

Do You Drink Chlorinated Water?

Scientists say the same problem arises when drinking tap water that’s chlorinated. This was also addressed, in another published article on Epoch Times by Dr. David Samadi. Chlorine has been used for decades as a disinfectant to remove impurities in drinking water.

A study performed by the Medical College of Wisconsin concluded, those consuming chlorinated water were at a 21% increased risk of developing bladder cancer, and 38% risk of getting cancer of the rectum.

Many people worry about microorganisms and other impurities in the water, but the environmental agencies check the bacterial load daily, however, they combat these problems by using chlorine. Chlorinated chemicals are shown to be carcinogenic or genetic-damaging, and yet they remain apart of our system.

Resolving Chlorine Levels

According to Dr. Samadi, a quick and economical solution is filtration. Filters can be purchased for shower heads and sinks. The simplest and most basic is the aerator filter that is screwed directly to the water outlet. It includes a small filter that must be unscrewed every month and cleaned of any impurities. Another is a breakwater filter to be connected directly to the tap, which can include a rechargeable cartridge with activated carbon. Vendors also sell ion exchange filters composed of resins useful for reducing water hardness and combating nickel, barium, cobalt and other hazardous metals.

Dr. David Samadi is an advocate for healthy living and provides unparalleled care to his patients. He is internationally recognized as a top surgeon and urologist, and his primary expertise is the diagnosis and treatment of Urologic diseases. Dr. Samadi has taken his skills to several countries to perform complex surgical procedures, and provide safe care. He’s traveled nationally and internationally, and is renown for his minimally invasive SMART surgery techniques, that has resulted in better prognosis for patients.

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