Louis Chenevert a Business Veteran That Has Wise Words For The Upcoming Business Leaders

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman with a notable impact in the business world. He is the former chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Louis started off his career in 1979 after graduating from University of Montreal with a bachelor of Business Administration degree in Production Management. Later that year, he joined General Motors, and due to his productivity, he quickly became the Production Manager until 1993.

He later joined Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer and his work was evident as he led them through the then tough economic times. This aerospace manufacturer was an affiliate of UTC. His ability to make profits forPratt & Whitney at the time when UTC was also in an economic crisis led him to be appointed as the CEO of UTC in 2008 and later became its Chairman.

In a recent interview, Chenevert details that the idea for UTC was brought about by the key executives and strategic vital small teams who come up with long-term plans. This has been instrumental in most of the company’s accomplishments. He was able to bring life to these ideas by combining talent with engineering to meet customers’ expectations and also reviewing work done by the small strategic teams to ensure essential objectives were met.

He is excited about the advancement of technology and how it is creating opportunities and rapidly growing his company. Louis accredits his professional success to his passionate and optimistic nature, focus on the primary goal, disregarding internal politics and ensuring his executives have all that they need to deliver.

According to him, his worst job is his first job at General Motors as a second shift first line supervisor. However, this taught him that people have the power to create productivity and has applied this theory in all his business endeavors. According to Louis, internal politics drive people away from the main agenda, which end up messing the future of brilliant leaders and disrupt a company’s extraordinary results. He thus advises entrepreneurs to desist energy drainers at work.

Chenevert advises investors to get the right team to work with, inspire and appreciate their hard work and make sure risk taken is always rewarded and encourages them to always focus on customer satisfaction. His strategy for growing his business has always been open and big thinking, eliminating obstacles and surrounding himself with winners.

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