Waiakea Water: An Exceptional Bottled Water Brand to Chase After

Waiakea Water is not just like any other branded bottled water. It is exceptional and uniquely set apart. As a result, it is highly sought for in the world. To understand this, one needs to appreciate the fact that not all water is created equally. Some individuals struggle with finishing even a glass of water, but Waiakea Water will give you a yearning to drink the recommended amount of eight glasses without issues. One of the features that make this brand exceptional is the alkaline nature. Importantly, most of the other brands source water that has a pH ranging from 4-7 which means it is acidic. However, for Waiakea Water, the water has a pH of 8.8 that is naturally alkaline with no additives to make it appear so. With that in place, the water becomes a great antioxidant that is beneficial in the body regarding detoxifying the body hence getting rid of the infections that could be circulating in the bloodstream.

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Waiakea is an average company for bottled water that is not only sourced organically but also engaged in various global sustainability inputs. Ryan Emmons, the current chief executive officer, founded Waiakea Water in 2012. He was born and raised in California and Hawaii. This exposed him to the natural beauty of his entire childhood. Since then, he got a deep affection for nature and environment and slowly admired clean and healthy living. Ryan’s effort to found and run this great company was due to the opportunity that was gazing at their family. He realized that they were able to access the naturally pure, healthy, and sustainable source of water in the entire world. Without wasting time, he began digging into the opportunity, and today everybody sings and dreams of having this great taste of Waiakea drink.

An important nature of this famous drink is the fact that it is naturally alkaline. It has a unique filtration process where it goes through 14,000 feet through porous volcanic rock. This water has several benefits in the body. It generally improves the health of one’s body such as neutralizing the stomach, helps in acid reflux to balance the body pH, provides a variety of nutrient values that are recommended, and helps reduce the risk of dangerous infections.

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