David McDonald: President of OSI Group

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group which is a company that specialises in the supply of value-added proteins. His love for agriculture can be traced from his childhood. He grew up on a farm where he was actively involved in the farming activities. He became obsessed with the idea of improving the agricultural industry which was a dream he later achieved. Although he did not grow up from a well-off family, David McDonald went to school, and his parents ensured that he got a higher education. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the Lowa State University. After graduating, McDonald joined the OSI Group based in Chicago in 1991. Though he started out at the bottom of the chain, David worked hard to achieve the success he has today. He held several positions in the company including being the Project Manager of the Group. He also served at Marfrig Global Foods based in South America as an Independent Director.

Since he was named the company’s President, David has brought forth great changes to the company including venturing into new markets. He has spearheaded the company to the Chinese markets where he hopes the company is going to break grounds. OSI Group is also venturing into the European markets. As a result, David McDonald has purchased Baho Foods which is a European based company. This is a strategic move aimed at gaining more markets in Europe.

Acquisitions by OSI Group

Apart from Baho Foods, OSI Group has made several other acquisitions such as the Tyson Food and Flagship Europe. The acquisition made by OSI Group concerning the Tyson Food was a warehouse and storage facility in Chicago. This warehouse is in proximity to the OSI Group in Chicago. The Flagship Company is a UK based company that supplies food products across the country. OSI Group made all these acquisitions under the leadership of David McDonald.

According to David, he has a big dream for OSI which is to make the company an international name. Through his management, the company has managed to keep up with the global trends and deliver the best services. The company’s headquarters in the U.S keep close contact with the international group of OSI to ensure that services are provided efficiently across the globe. McDonald is a hard working diligent man who is the living proof that ‘hard work pays.’

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