Business insights with Ara Chackerian.

The health sector has been progressively growing, and more inventions are coming up. For patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression their hope. A new form of therapy that seeks to assist people suffering from this condition has been invented. TMS health solutions use magnetic stimulation. Ara Chackerian is one of the co-founders who has helped to push this idea.

Ara Chackerian not only serves at the TMS health solutions but is also a businessman and is also passionate about giving back to the community and has managed to make a difference in people living through this medical milestone as well as other contributions.

Ara Chackerian has over the years worked in the different organization, but amid his busy life, Ara still felt the need to give back to the community. Together with his friend and partner, they decided to establish an outpatient diagnostic radiology center, and then a friend suggested for them to expand and TMS health solution was recognized.  You can visit their twitter page for more details.



TMS health solutions are approximately two years old, but Ara and his partner have managed to establish health centers in almost 70 cities. The journey has not been easy, establishing a health center it is important to be well equipped with matters concerning insurance and be keen when employing the doctors. Ara Chackerian experienced a challenge during the initial months, but the health center has since overcome these challenges.



Ara Chackerian is an open man, he confesses to being poor with calendars so hence prefers to concentrate on his vision or aim for the day. Ara also likes to concentrate on creating a balance between his business and his philanthropic works.

Life experiences are important in one’s life, and Ara Chackerian cannot emphasize on this point enough, according to Ara most of his ideas in work are inspired by his life experiences. At an early age Ara’s parents encouraged him to think about life, and by cultivating this habit, he has been able to benefit by coming up with concepts.

As an entrepreneur, one habit that Ara encourages upcoming business people is to seek the truth. Encouraging positive thoughts is a good thing, however, in business, it is important to consider all dimensions. This will help in the planning as well as the execution of the business plans. You can checkout to see more.





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