Milan Kordestani is Committed to Providing Fresh Produce Straight From Farm to Table

Fresh organic produce is the mission of Milan Farms. Milan Kordestani is passionate about ensuring customers know where their food is coming from. Milan feels that the animals raised on the farm deserve to be treated humanely. The farm uses only organic methods to grow saffron and herbs. Milan farms raise free-range chickens that feed on grass and organic vegetables. This combination makes for delicious eggs.

Milan Kordestani’s passion for nature and organic farming shows in his commitment to planting trees for every dozen eggs sold. His goal in building up the farm is to bring simple ingredients back to farming. In other words, Kordestani creates the pure, unprocessed state to his farm.


Kordestani’s other passions are horses. He is a very accomplished equestrian. He ranked 3rd in the World’s Championship for 17 and Under Park Division. His passion for horses began at an early age. He didn’t start competing seriously until he suffered a fall. This fall made him determined to ride.

Milan Farms was created out of a sophomore class project that Milan worked on in high school. The project’s aim was to produce eggs and saffron through connections with various farms throughout the country. The “Back to the Farm” movement was the catalyst for Milan’s interest in the project.

Once the project was completed, Milan decided to capitalize on its success. He wanted to continue the process that he created with the saffron. Saffron is harvested by hand and is considered a very expensive spice to obtain. Saffron is used to spicing up foods and can be used as a medicine. Milan early on wanted to continue the hand processing.

Milan’s saffron growth process differs from traditional saffron growth processes. He utilizes hydroponics and microfiber sponges to facilitate growth. Milan was the first farmer to use this method.

Pesticide-free herbs are standard at the farm. Milan is passionate in all aspects of production from planting to harvesting. Milan monitors plant growth by using a “parrot flower power” mechanism that helps determine plant needs. He is very meticulous about every detail. Milan believes that his customers deserve the very best.

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