Jed McCaleb and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Jed McCaleb has been involved with cryptocurrency since its beginnings. His previous venture was on the exchange service Mt. Gox. He recently took a step forward by becoming CEO of Stellar, a company that is focused on making cryptocurrency transactions across country boarders possible. The news organization CNBC recently published a new article with Jed McCaleb, discussing his thoughts on rising blockchain technology.

Right from the beginning, Jed McCaleb tackles the underlying issue. He believes in the near future, as per crunchbase, there will be a universal way to conduct transactions. It will allow a method to prevent people making changes to amounts and information, while also letting people use their currency of preference. Stellar is already working to fix this issue. They boast being able to have quick transaction times compared to other services.

In the next part of the article, Jed McCaleb claims token sales are a sign the market still has potential. They have raised over $9 million during the last 4 years, and unfortunately the system has been hit with regulations due to people abusing it. Tokens are also a good way method for investors to get rewarded. Lastly, Jed McCaleb believes stocks will ultimately turn into a cryptocurrency like system. There are already several companies working on implement this system. He cites a company named Securrency who trying buy stock with bitcoin.

Jed McCaleb is a man who is at the forefront of the market change. Time are changing, and so are the ways consumers interact with companies and products. Cryptocurrency is a rising trend, where consumers use digital currency to buy products. Several stores have already begun to adapt, but others are remaining cautious about its long-term viability. Companies like Stellar working on creating a universal market place where all currencies can be used and converted with either other. Jed McCaleb will be shaping the future of the digital financial market.

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