Gregory Aziz: Industry Leader

Introducing an Industry Leader

When looking at current and past leaders of industry in Canada and the rest of the world, no search is complete without taking time to appreciate the leaders involved in the railroad industry. Here are some facts about one of the leaders of National Steel, a manufacturer of freight cars. Technically speaking, this company is one of the largest manufacturers, which is why it’s worth taking time to learn about the company’s leader, Gregory Aziz.



Biography of a Leader


This particular industry leader was born in the province of Ontario in Canada in the spring of 1949. Gregory James Aziz grew up in a family where business skills were a priority, which became evidenced in his character when he helped his family’s business with their success. Before getting into his achievements, it helps to understand this leader’s background. He went to Ridley College in Ontario, and he was an economics major at the University of Western Ontario.



Affiliated Foods: A Family Legacy


Greg Aziz certainly has created quite a legacy when it comes to developing businesses that impact everyday life in Ontario, Canada. For example, his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, was a major distributor to food markets in the United States and Eastern Canada.


Greg Aziz was so dedicated to helping grow his family business that he was a part of the company for 16 years. He was a part of Affiliated Foods when it rose to become an importer of fine and fresh foods from all around the globe. Go To This Page for additional information.



Achievements: National Steel Car Purchase and Growth


One of Greg Aziz’s finest achievements to date is the organized acquisition of the previously mentioned freight car manufacturer. After organizing this purchase Greg Aziz was able to help influence the supply of freight cars produced by the company. In fact, the supply more than tripled in the first five years of Greg Aziz’s residence as a leader of National Steel Car.



Current Objectives


Along with running National Steel Car as the CEO, President and Chairman, Gregory James Aziz is dedicated to the community in which the company impacts most. He is proud to be involved in the lives of many employees that work with National Steel Car to manufacture fine products for the world to ship goods along the rails.

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