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Jim Toner is an accomplished real estate investment entrepreneur. He has had a long and successful career for more than twenty-five years. Throughout the country he has shared his expertise on real estate investment aiming to make it user friendly. He is passionate about teaching others to follow the path to financial freedom and does so with his custom designed course, the 12 Little Houses Plan.

Toner is also an author, a radio show host and a podcast host. He travels throughout the country speaking on investment in real estate, matters of business, and entrepreneurship. Most recently, he works with a private group of clients and with coaching groups. Although there are currently waiting lists for both of these, new private clients are occasionally accepted when possible.

By working with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who have what is considered to be “real world” experience he improves efforts to help members of the general public succeed in business. This team, called The Band Of Rebels, is aptly named for having somewhat of a rebellious attitude toward the system. Internationally, many obstacles are set in place to purposefully hinder entrepreneurial activity. This is the reason that few succeed. Toner’s team works to help others find success against these odds.

To bring ideas to life Jim Toner suggests taking a cue from Nike, “Just Do It”. Never allow ideas to fade due to inaction. A strong proponent of clarifying ideas, Toner suggest having a recipe to follow. In business he advises developing a flexible working model. Test that model, make necessary adjustments, and never be afraid to fail.

As a very active philanthropist, according to, Jim Toner has been recognized for his many contributions to veterans and homeless people. The Salvation Army and Frank and Nils McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation are two organizations in which he is an active member and supporter. He believes in giving back and suggests that others do the same. He says that giving is something that should be included in your business plan. Although the return is at least two fold, he suggests giving 10 percent of every dollar earned with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

When asked what a typical day looks like for him, Toner states that his day starts at 5:30am with the first 30 minutes reserved for clearing his head and taking time to think. Next he hits the gym where he listens to podcasts or books on audio during his workout. Jim says that he does not believe in working 24/7 and takes a 20 minute nap every single day. In his latest book, “Send in the Wolves”, which is also available on Amazon, he discusses time management and the importance of mind and body balance.

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