Ina Ebrahimi Biography

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and CEO of Saint Germain Catering, which offers delicious dishes through superior services focused on quality and commitment.Mina Ibrahimi was born from parents who had immigrated to Unistated of America in 1978.

Her passion for cooking saw her at the age of eleven to start working at her parents’ bakery in Seven Corners, VA. Working at her parents’ bakery laid a solid foundation on basis of customer service and quality which are the key components in exceeding customers’ expectation.

She continued to run the family cafe after its relocation to Tyson’s Galleria under the name Saint Germain Cafe. The year 1999 saw Mina Ebrahimi who was at the age of 26 by then start Saint Germain Catering that had its focus on private parties, business luncheons, special events, and weddings.

Having successfully headed a team of 32 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees at Saint Germain Catering, Mina Ebrahimi has received several awards like top 40 under 40 awards, Smart CEO Brava Awards, 2014 Enterprising Women of the Year Award and Washington Business Journal.

Through her success, she has been able to give back to the society through supporting many nonprofit organizations like Operation Homefront DC that works in ensuring military families are stable, strong and secure.

She also provides food donations and other supplies to homeless and unsheltered individuals in Northern VA in the 25th Project. Mina Ebrahimi founded Jack Ebrahimi program at the University of Pennsylvania which is a veterinary program that incorporates interventional radiology.

She also supports women across every age to build a positive and vast future for their goals this helps women achieve their desired goals and ambitions for their business prosperity.

Mina Ebrahimi also took it upon herself to aid the University of Pennsylvania at the McBain project which is a cancer section dog that aids in detecting early cancer that has developed in the ovaries.

This good course by Mina Ebrahimi has helped and supported over fourteen thousand women annually who are always on the verge of losing the battle to the dangerous Ovarian Cancer.

It is evident that Mina Ebrahimi is a great and a woman worthy to be celebrated not only in the business arena in terms of entrepreneurship but also the role she plays in making the society a better place, especially for women.

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