Jacob Gottlieb Visium’s Life

The Visium Asset Management firm is on top of the list of healthcare hedge funds in the country. The brainchild of Jacob Gottlieb Visium has been in operation since 2005 and recently hit the $8 billion dollar mark in terms of assets. The firm’s CIO has had an interesting history that he used to help the firm rise through the ranks.

Gottlieb was born to parents of Polish origin who moved to the US in the early 1960s. His whole life has revolved around economics and healthcare thanks to his parents who did so well in the two fields. His father taught economics while his mother was a largely successful pediatrician.

He was still in his formative years when he first got involved in economics. A stock selection competition was held at his school and he beat the top competition to take home the top price. His father took a keen interest in his abilities and helped him set up a trading account.

Gottlieb later joined Brown University where he completed a BA in economics. This did not keep him from pursuing medicine at the New York University Medical School. He then went to the St. Vincent’s Hospital for his internship program.

The Wall Street proved to be more lucrative as he put his medical pursuit on hold to establish a career in the economic world. He worked tirelessly and soon became a Chartered Financial Analyst. In 1998 he joined Sanford C. Bernstein to actively engage in trading stocks. He specialized in global healthcare given his medical background.

He later joined Merlin Biomed Group but was only there for a few months before Balyasny Asset Management came calling. By this time he had established himself as a leading healthcare portfolio manager.

In 2005 Gottlieb took the bold step of going out on his own. He mobilized an active team and established Visium. It has since experienced massive growth and has provided employment opportunities to 170 individuals.

His active role at Visium Asset Management has not prevented him from offering his services to non-profit institutions in his hometown. The Robin Hood Foundation, Covenant House, and Math for America have all had a taste of his exceptional skills.

Jim Simons, an accomplished mathematician, was the brain behind Math for America. Based in New York the organization was founded with an eye on science, education, technology, and math. Jim sought to ensure that schools in New York get and keep the best teachers in the four disciplines. The organization offers fellowship pieces of training to the teachers and has been in operation since 2004.


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