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A Lifetime Achievement Award Boosts Robert Ivy’s Status In The Architecture Industry

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A Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is bound to raise the status of any individual who receives it in the society. This is no exception for renowned architect Robert Ivy, who received the award on June 2nd from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). He is the first in his profession to receive…

Recovery Expert, Victoria Doramus, Shares Her Life Experiences to Help Others Overcome Their Addictions

Posted by in Digital Marketing, Marketing & Finance

Victoria Doramus is an addiction recovery expert established in London, England. She is also a talented digital and print media specialist. She has gained substantial experience in advertising, communications, media, and branding. From 2002 to 2006, she was enrolled at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO where Victoria earned a BA in mass communication…

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: A Story of Success

Posted by in Business World

Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco? Luiz Carlos Trabuco, currently CEO & Chairman of Bradesco Banco, is a man that has been surrounded by accomplishing accolades for a big portion of his adult life. He has fought for his position and title since he birthed his career in banking and financial services. He took his education…

Why Plastic Surgery And Hair Implants

Posted by in Advisor

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in the Dallas area. He is Board Certified and has been in practice for several years. He has done everything from eye lifts to buttock lifts and hair implants. Dr. Jejurikar is well educated and has written articles and given presentations. He is current on all educational aspects…

Achieving investment success with the Fortress Investment Group

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Asset management entails a number of specializations and to be able to master all and do them profitably is not an easy task. The field requires training and experience as most of the best asset managers are well adept in various sectors and are able to create a very diverse portfolio at any one time….

Attitude is Everything: The Wise Words of Jim Toner

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“Whatever side of the coin you were on was dependent upon how you saw the economy. Did you see opportunity, or did you see obstacle? Did you see potential reward, or did you see potential risk?” – Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner For Jim Toner finding financial freedom is all about ATTITUDE, true financial success…

The Day To Day Life Of Ted Bauman

Posted by in Money

Ted Bauman rises early in the morning to begin his day. He learned from his many years of working that using his time wisely is important. Therefore, he does his hardest work during the peak time of the day. He has learned time management and limits his productive time to not many interactions with others….

What It Is Like To Work At Sussex Healthcare

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If working in the medical field is something you are looking to do, you will want to find a job at Sussex Healthcare. This company, which is a healthcare facility for the aged, has many opportunities available for anyone from nurses to physical therapists. The rates of pay is equal to or greater than those…

Why Graeme Holm Co-Founded Infinity Group Australia

Posted by in Entrepreneurs Finance, People

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with the goal of providing financial relief for consumers. Having worked in the big four banking environment himself for a decade Graeme Holm thought it was all sort of toxic for regular people in regards to the mortgages they were signing up for and…

Just Who Is Heather Russell

Posted by in Finance, Financial Trading

The name Heather Russell is fairly common in American culture, but the Heather Russell of this article is far from being a common businesswoman. Heather Russell, J.D., is an accomplished legal executive thanks to her education training from American University’s Washington College of Law. This brilliant-minded individual graduated with honors from this school, and she…

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