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The name Heather Russell is fairly common in American culture, but the Heather Russell of this article is far from being a common businesswoman. Heather Russell, J.D., is an accomplished legal executive thanks to her education training from American University’s Washington College of Law. This brilliant-minded individual graduated with honors from this school, and she went on to attain an bachelor’s degree from the prestigious College of William & Mary. This particular woman exudes excellence, and she is the perfect example of female empowerment. Russell has taken over the position of Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion.

According to, TransUnion is one of the top three credit agencies in the US, including Equifax and Experian. John Blenke, former-Chief Legal Officer of TransUnion, has retired from his duties after serving a long career with this credit agency. By bringing in Russell, TransUnion will be adding another 20 years of leadership and experience. Being so well-trained, Russell will actually bring in a diverse mix of leadership because she has held numerous leadership positions with other finance companies. “I’m confident that Russell will bring strong leadership to the team,” said James Peck, president of TransUnion. Thanks to working across a wide field in the finance sector, Russell will be responsible for handling everything that pertains to corporate governance. This also includes handling consumer privacy issues as well as handling a plethora of other legal-related issues. If anybody can do it, then this women certainly has the capabilities to succeed. Russell is on Facebook, connect with her now.

TransUnion has already built a strong foundation to work from, and it has been providing informative solutions for businesses as well as individuals. Russell will only help the agency become more stronger thanks to her wide array of tangibles. Everything is looking positive with this new change of position as Heather Russell is expected to lead TransUnion well into the future. Russell is also an Assistant Math Professor at University of Richmond.

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