Why Graeme Holm Co-Founded Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with the goal of providing financial relief for consumers. Having worked in the big four banking environment himself for a decade Graeme Holm thought it was all sort of toxic for regular people in regards to the mortgages they were signing up for and how so many people were struggling to get by, living paycheck to paycheck with nothing being put away for the future.

Over the past five years Infinity Group Australia has opened offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Bella Vista, Port Macquarie, and Cronulla. What they do is provide a personal banker to each of their customers. This personal banker helps them get their financial affairs in order. They learn how to use their money more effectively through money management services. They also help people reduce their debt, their mortgages in particular.

At Infinity Group Australia they partner with their customers and establish an ongoing relationship with them. Graeme Holm says that what they provide is a financial coach, pretty similar to a personal trainer. Their customers start sticking to a weekly cash only budget while all of the other income they have coming in gets directly deposited in a fully transactional loan account. As long as they stick to the cash budget and avoid excessive spending their home loan will be paid off at a record pace.

Graeme Holm says that he starts each day at 5:30 am and does some physical exercise to get ready for his busy days at Infinity Group Australia both physically and mentally. He has both a personal and business schedule he follows which is broken down into half-hour increments. He further breaks this down into thing he will do himself to transform his company and thing that he can delegate to others. He often does evening client meetings and most workdays end about 10:30 pm.

He says he is a great believer in collaboration. Graeme Hold says that they have built a strong and collaborative culture at Infinity Group Australia and employees are encouraged to use the suggestion box. Through efforts like this and sharing ideas great ideas can be put to life. He says the speed of implementing great ideas is accelerated at his company because speed is everything in the business world. He says if you don’t quickly proceed on a good idea than that is all it remains, just an idea.

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