The Day To Day Life Of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman rises early in the morning to begin his day. He learned from his many years of working that using his time wisely is important. Therefore, he does his hardest work during the peak time of the day. He has learned time management and limits his productive time to not many interactions with others. He cannot afford to get distracted when he has work to do. He is a very focused individual which probably is the reason behind his life of success.

Ted Bauman grew up on the east coast being born in the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. He loves learning and working overseas. He went to school on the African Continent at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He studied history and economics. Once receiving his postgraduate degrees, he yearned to do work for society. He worked with Habitat for Humanity throughout Central and South America.

His desire and sense of wanting to help others came from working low paid jobs in fast foods and convenience stores. He began to see a fundamental to a thriving economy and society is helping and bettering the people that make up a society. This desire fueled hiss involvement in the creation of an organization called Slum Dwellers International. View Ted’s profile on Linkedin.

Ted Bauman is a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. He pens three blogs for the online publication. One of his blogs is called The Bauman Letter. Recently, The Bauman Letter spotlights disaster-proofing valuables. He creates strategies in his blog to aid investors with these valuables.

The writer also pens rather frequently on the importance of safeguarding tangible valuables like gems, hard cash, collectibles and precious metals. Lately, he has also been writing on a growing trend. He has been writing to his investors the benefits of getting involved in large businesses on a global scale. For doubting or questioning investors, he is able to assure them of the long-term benefits that come along with getting involved in big business. He also makes a point to showcase how these large corporations can help society. Read the Q&A session with Ted on

Ted Bauman serves a large community of readers of Banyan Hill Publishing with his intriguing content that produces knowledge about society, the economy and investments. He assures readers that even ordinary people can benefit from investing. As he continues to write for his readers, more and more people are growing interested in the investment options he recommends.


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