Attitude is Everything: The Wise Words of Jim Toner

“Whatever side of the coin you were on was dependent upon how you saw the economy. Did you see opportunity, or did you see obstacle? Did you see potential reward, or did you see potential risk?”

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner

For Jim Toner finding financial freedom is all about ATTITUDE, true financial success can only be achieved if you change your thought process. Jim Toner path toward becoming a successful real estate investor came through his willingness to make major changes in his life. The 2008 financial crises according to Jim Toner was generated due to “poor decisions” leaving many susceptible to financial predators. Having the proper attitude will help you capitalize on opportunities so long that you are prepared for them.

Having the right ATTITUDE will also lead you to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy; thus, increasing the personal value of yourself. Toner claims that no one can be financially successful if they are poor in health: “I have seen many try succeed amidst poor health throughout the years, myself included, and all have failed”. Having good mental health will help you maintain your energy and make the right financial choices.

Taking risk is essential to financial success according to Toner the biggest step you can toward this is quitting your job. For Toner, working for someone else will contribute to financial instability due to the changing economic culture of the 21st century. Understanding the art of sales and gearing yourself toward the habit of daily success will provide you great tools for a healthy ATTITUDE. If you do not believe in what you do whatever you set out on accomplishing will not be financially successful.

Finally, Toner emphasizes that financial success has “no secrets” but, merely requires one to continuously strive toward your goals: “The next time you see some ‘guru’ present ‘next big thing’ or some ‘new’ discovery… RUN!”. Your financial freedom should not be swayed by the presence of a gimmick or ploy but, determined through your own will to be magnificent.

Learn more about Toner’s Send In The Wolves’ Team.

Here’s a good video featuring Jim Toner:

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