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Alexander F. Hern is a highly qualified professional who lives and works in vibrant San Diego in Southern California. He’s a hard-working entrepreneur who is part of the sizable technology field at the moment. He has a lot of knowledge that pertains to the Internet and how it operates these days. Alex Hern’s entrepreneurial background spans a quarter of a century plus. He puts a lot of effort into businesses that are still young and looking to get off the ground. Follow Alex Hern on

Hern is at the helm of a company that’s known as Tsunami. He functions as its founder and Chief Executive Officer. People call him its Co-Chairman as well. He has many associations with diverse companies out there. He’s been on the boards of many widely known entities so far. Some of these are CloudShield, ArcSight, Triton Network Systems, Mobile Airwaves Inc., AlterEgo Networks and People link Hern to all sorts of companies that have strong reputations within their industries. There are many who are familiar with his work with Silicon Valley Internet Capital, Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty, Inc., AppDirect Canada, Inc. and more. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Tsunami is a trustworthy VR (Virtual Reality) powerhouse that aims to change how human beings do things. It offers effective communications options that accommodate companies all around the planet. Tsunami gives its patient and detail-oriented customer base many choices in options and products overall. Companies that are interested in studios can go for assistance with simulation and animation. Companies that are interested in work settings, on the other hand, can go for help with meeting and event facilities of all kinds. The Tsunami team gives its time to organizations that are part of all kinds of fields. These include the life sciences, medical care, defense, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, construction, industrial tools and automotive industries.


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