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Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce, to say the least. It seems that every day a new restaurant is opening trying to get a piece of this multi-million dollar industry. As restaurants come and go, many are it it for the long haul and their staying power relies on not only their product but also on how they run their business.

Steve Ritchie, newly appointed CEO of Papa John’s, already knows that the quality of their pizzas is the reason for their longevity in the corporate pizza world. Now, he wants their customers to know how much they value their people. Mr. Ritchie claims that diversity and inclusion are high on his company’s priority list. He has hired experts in the human resource field to study Papa John’s culture as it relates to diversity and inclusion. He is even sending out his top executives to personally visit all of both the company owned and franchised locations to make certain that every member of their team is aligned with this philosophy.

According to INC, it’s refreshing to know that there are still companies out there with a genuine respect for their people. Steve Ritchie is one of those people. He genuinely sees the value of all his people. His people not only comprise the 120,000 employees currently under the Papa John’s umbrella, it also encompasses the many valued customers, reliable vendors, neighboring communities, as well as potential investors that are associated with Papa John’s. He sees his people as brand ambassadors, of sorts, in their prospective communities. They have pride in the company that they are associated with based on both its reputation for quality as well as its focus on diversity. This pride is then demonstrated to their friends and neighbors. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s knows the formula for a successful restaurant. Great food, great service, and great people are the keys to success. If one ingredient is missing from the formula, the business falters. Mr Ritchie knows his company already has great food and service. Now, he wants the world to know how much they value their people. See the latest Twitter status from Steve Ritchie.

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