Michel Terpins celebrates his 10th participation in Bull Serteos rally championship

Last year, Michel Terpins completed his 10th participation in the Bull Serteos rally championship. Bull Serteos is one of the toughest annual off-road racing competitions held in Brazil. Since its establishment, the rally has attracted numerous fans that come out in significant numbers to celebrate their favorite rally drivers.


The competition attracts rally drivers from different parts of Brazil who come to showcase their prowess behind the wheels. It features various stages with each stage posing a different challenge to the drivers. Only drivers with robust cars and teamwork can manage to pull through the competition.


For the last two decades, Michel Terpins has been competing alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpins. However, in the last four years, he decided to go with Justo as his co-driver. Justo is an equally skilled and talented rally driver who has taken part in several Bull Serteos rally competitions.


During the 22nd edition of the competition, Miche Terpins and Justo were on board the T-Rex, a robust and meticulous car developed by MEM Motorsport exclusively for the race. The car features a V8 engine in ethanol that is best equipped for navigating the harsh terrains at high speed. You can visit



The duo also participated in the recently concluded 25th edition of the Bull Serteos rally championship. The participating drivers would raise dust for a total of 3,300 km where they would pass through four cities. The team finishing in the best time would be announced the winner of the 25th edition of the Bull Serteos rally championship. Michel and his team managed to finish among the top in the competition that had more than 38 rally drivers. Check out Terra to know more.


Other championships

Due to their love for speed and off-road racing, Michel and his brother Rodrigo formed Bull Serteos rally team through which they have been participating in the annual off-road competitions. Rodrigo has participated in Bull Serteos rally championship five times while Michel has made ten appearances. Besides Bull Serteos competition, Michel and his brother also take part in the Brazilian cross country championship and the Mitsubishi cup.


Michel’s social media presence

Rodrigo Terpins is active in social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Tweeter. He uses these platforms to engage with his massive fan base and to keep them posted on upcoming events. He also takes his time to inspire other young people aspiring to venture into the sports world

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