OSI Group Efforts towards Sustainability

OSI Food Solutions is highly devoted to becoming the best company in the implementation of technology. This is why OSI is ready to risk in ensuring that there is sustainability in its operations in conjunction with those of its suppliers. This is among the key reasons why Sheldon Lavin has engaged himself in tremendous research and incredible efforts towards development to ensure that OSI Group attains sustainability. OSI group has established two culinary innovation centers, one of them is based in the United States while the other one is based in China. It also has a disintegrated R&D Center that is based in the Chicago area.

These facilities are set to establish new techniques that are meant to reduce OSI Group far-flung operations environmental impact. These facilities are a representation of a substantial investment that is aimed at creating product lines that are friendly to consumers as well as a more efficient and sufficient supply of chain. These factors have emerged as the primary factors of OSI Food Solutions operations. Given that OSI is a massive and an incredibly experienced food production industry, it can employ its resources on the establishment of the best practices which can be shared all across the supply chain.

In 2017, OSI Food Solutions dedication and passion towards sustainability was retained within the leadership structure of the company with the development of a CSO, Chief Sustainability Officer. This is one of the OSI Group principal leadership ranks. Nicole Johnson-Hoffman was offered the position. This position is set to oversee the global sustainability mechanisms all through the supply chain of OSI Group. At this juncture, Nicole was serving as a senior vice president of OSI as well as the vice president of the GRSB, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef before becoming the Chief Sustainability Officer, CSO of OSI Food Solutions.

GRSB is renowned as a food production industries consortium. Its major objective is to respect all companies that host food production, improve natural resources management, offer protection over beef safety and its success, implementation of various practices that will enhance the welfare of animals. It also helps in spreading the best practices towards efficiency and innovation to curtail waste and improve the long-term economic viability of the beef industry.

OSI has attained incredible growth and its on the verge of more development with time. It has been through able leadership and great management which has been the baseline of its growth.

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