Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Mogul and Philanthropist

When people think of the Trump Organization, they think of tall skyscrapers in New York City; however, the Trump Organization is active all over the world. Hussain Sajwani is just one of Trump’s international business partners.

Hussain Sajwani is the owner of DAMAC Group, a property development company based out of Dubai. The company, as it is known today, began in 2002, but it did exist prior to this year. Instead of real estate, the company focused on food distribution. Sajwani decided to change course when Dubai made it legal for foreigners to purchase property. Sajwani’s organization still dabbles in the food industry, but their primary focus is now on real estate.

In 2013, with the help of Donald Trump, DAMAC Group created two golf courses in the Middle East. The business relationship between these two real estate giants is significant. Donald Trump, as President-elect, shouted out Hussain Sajwani at his 2017 New Year’s Eve celebration. According to Sajwani, his relationship with the Trump Organization extends beyond Mr. Trump. Trump’s children, Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr, all have a working relationship with Mr. Sajwani.

“All his three children are very much involved,” said Sajwani to NBCnews. “I think under their leadership we will have no issue in expanding and growing and maintaing out business relation,” he said, in reference to Mr. Trump putting his business ventures on the back burner due to becoming President of the United States. “My wife and Ivanka are very good friends,” Sajwani said.

Hussain Sajwani‘s operations don’t only extend to the real estate world. He is also a philanthropist, donating to noble causes. One of his most generous donations consists of clothing over 50,000 children; he donated AED two million to this great cause. Sajwani teamed up with Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai for the cause.

After donating the money, Sajwani went on record explaining the importance of giving children an honest start at life.

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