Southridge Capital: A Great Authority on Finances

As a highly trusted authority on financial services, Southridge Capital provides powerful insight, helping their clients come to informed financial decisions. From their inception in 1996 onward, the company has taken great pride in financing for more than 250 public companies, using their knowledge to help guide those companies through common difficulties like going public and managing finances. Through their counsel, Southridge details services provided such as financial analysis and balance sheet optimization and helps clients manage debt and equity, create statements for financial goals to meet and instruct clients on the best viable option for restructuring their business.


It is important that not every company is pleased with every option available. This is why Southridge Capital is dedicated to tailoring assistance specifically for each individual company to make certain they receive optimal help based on what they are looking for. From the management team of five to the stellar services and experience between them, Southridge Capital give a centralized approach to helping businesses while also not forgetting that giving back to communities and such is important.


Southridge Capital CEO Stephen Hicks started the company in 1996 during his time working under a New York hedge fund. While the principal was in Australia for a year, Stephen took that time what would become Southridge Capital. Prior to this, Mr. Hicks built his expertise in finances in New York beginning with a Business Administration Bachelor’s degree from King’s College and his master’s from Fordham University. His 30 plus years of experience in investment banking, risk arbitrage, etc has shaped his approach to financing.  To see more visit



Mr. Hicks is always searching for fresh ideas to present themselves as well as monitoring investments, being sure they go over smoothly. He also assigns tasks to himself and his employees from day to day. In addition to this, he suggests investing in cryptocurrency, experience helps his ideas become more realized and finds inspiration from Rockefeller and his successes and failures. You can checkout their facebook page for more details.



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