Victoria Doramus is an Inspiration For Women Struggling With Addiction

Victoria Doramus has had an interest in journalism and mass communication throughout her personal and professional lives. Operating as a digital and print media specialist, she enjoys combining her advertising and branding expertise to help other creatives accomplish their dreams. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Journalism and Mass communication, Victoria found herself struggling in her personal life with the disease of addiction. It wasn’t until she hit her rock bottom that she decided to make the necessary changes in her life in order to overcome her addiction. Struggling with this disease has taught her a great deal about herself and put her in a unique position to teach others.

Despite the success she was having in her professional life, Victoria realized she was struggling with an addiction that, if left unchecked, could lead to disastrous consequences. At the age of 26, she checked herself into rehab for the first time in Tucson, Arizona. After attending rehab in Tucson, Victoria noticed herself succumbing to Adderall addiction once again until she felt she had lost control. After enrolling into another rehab facility in Sierra Tucson, Victoria went back to LA California to pursue her career goals. Like many others struggling with addiction, she hit another bottom in her life in 2016. It seemed no matter what state she decided to live in or the kinds of friends she decided to keep, wherever she went her struggles with addiction followed. Finally in 2016, after another 60-day rehab stay in Connecticut, Victoria decided that she would stop at nothing to overcome her addiction.

Due to her own personal struggles, Victoria spends the majority of her free time supporting organizations which help personalize the struggle of addiction and eradicate the stigma associated with addicts. Working with organizations like the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Women’s Prison Association, she spends her time traveling to and working with these organizations.

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