The Innovative Counsellor, Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele attended University of California, Berkeley for a degree in law. On completion, he pursued Business Administration from University of Lowa. He began his career as a lawyer representing several technology companies such as the aerospace, defense, biotechnology and internet. Michael, majorly tackled issues to do with governing corporate, merger and acquisition, intellectual property strategy and employment issues. Moreover, he also worked at offices for Fenwick and West LLP found at Silicon Valley, which deal in licensing and online commerce. He has also invested in early stage technology companies. As an investor and corporate counsel, he has founded and invested in various restaurants and hospitality firms. Find out more about Michael Hagele at The State Bar of California

In addition, Michael Hagele ventured into this practice because he believes that, small ventures offer high quality and affordable services to the clients. He never gives up to challenges but instead finds new ways to tackle a problem. He also spends his time with his partners whom they help in creating and expanding of ideas. Additionally, what has helped him expand and grow his firms is his habit considering the customers priority. This has allowed him to create that which give satisfaction and cater for the needs of clients. He also urges entrepreneurs to always have a clear and sharp mind through physical exercises which reflects directly on the amount of creativity a person can produce.

In conclusion, Michael Hagele is a person who is passionate on artificial intelligence especially genetic programming and he therefore is a great investor and advisor to companies dealing with algorithms to find out how funds can be used productively. According to him, the success of this  justification of program expansion. His great motivation from the worst work he did, of working at a car wash during winter, enabled him to hunger for education and greatness. He is a self-driven entrepreneur and a role model to the young people.

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