Professional Organizations Gives You A Head Start: Robert Ivy’s Topnotch Advice

On-the-job training is an important part of education, most especially in the tertiary level where you get a taste and the experience of what to expect right after they finish and they get their degree – this gives them a head start and a step forward in the competition when they do decide to continue on the path that their on-the-job training has offered for them.

Robert Ivy has very great advice for people who are just moving into the labor force and Robert reiterates the importance of professional organizations and societies. This is where they recruit individual workers, unlike trade associations that invite whole entities of companies as their members. The main benefit of joining a professional organization and society is the educational benefit that you can get from it. Professional societies offer educational programs for you to get included in chances to build your networks and it gives you the opportunity to create and withhold your credibility by grabbing attention from other companies by taking lead role in the society. Robert Ivy reiterates the importance of educational resources that are available to the recruited members of the professional organization and these are available to be utilized by the recruited members and these resources can be treasure chests of valuable knowledge and stories of unexchangeable experiences from past professionals and gurus that are related to your expertise.

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Robert Ivy also declares the importance and the value of the networking opportunities that is offered by the professional organizations because they are popular for hosting conventions and conferences that bring thousands of audiences and groups of professionals and workers that can be future bosses or partners. Robert Ivy is the current CEO of AIA.

Of course your knowledge, skills and grit are nothing when you have no avenue to apply them to. This is why Robert Ivy recommends that you do apply for a professional organization because the networking that the company provides greatly assists you on the job hunt that is the closest to your admired profession – the membership to the society will also give you access to the archive and directory of companies that you can directly apply to that you can send applications to with the recommendations of the professional society, of course!

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