David McDonald Dedicates Himself Tirelessly to Diversification Process of OSI Group

Donald McDonald has made a tremendous contribution to OSI Group McDonalds as the Chief Operations Officer. The way the company is designed is in such a way that every team member gets an opportunity to grow, and that is how David moved from a Project Manager to become the Chief Operations Manager and President of OSI Group McDonalds. The company’s model supports continuous development to provide the best quality products to its customers. For the successful distribution of its products, the company makes hard choices like getting into partnerships or purchasing like-minded companies. David McDonald and the company’s Chairman Sheldon Lavin look for the best companies to enter into productive partnerships.

One such business partnership took place in 2016 between OSI Group and Baho Foods. The acquisition of Baho Foods opened doors for better distribution of OSI products in Europe. Additionally, the deal saw more products added to the company’s portfolio because Baho Foods was a producer of deli meats and other foodstuffs. Another advantage of the partnership was the firm establishment of Baho Foods in Germany and the Netherlands where it has five subsidiaries operating in 18 countries. David McDonald noted that Baho Foods was the ideal partner because of its firm ground and OSI wanted to collaborate only with a company that would add value to the business. To know more about him click here.

Back at home in the United States of America, OSI Group McDonalds bought Tyson Foods, which was on the verge of closing down and sending its more than 500 staff members home. The $7.4 million deal was settled, and OSI took over the control of the poultry products plant. The spacious Company sat in a 200,000 piece of land that OSI Group McDonalds planned to do an extension of the production of its products after taking over Tyson Foods. David McDonald also witnessed the acquiring of Flagship Europe. The move aimed at boosting the distribution of products and services in Europe. Another contribution of McDonald to the company is through the upgrading of the company’s facility located in Toledo Spain. The process involved the addition of a production line to the plant to double the production of poultry products from 12,000 tons annually to 24,000 tons and boost the supply of the products in Spain and Portugal.


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